Are you aware of the below engineering courses which pays you higher than Software Engineers


PUC and +2 results were out yesterday and students were curious in knowing the result and excited to start their college life now. Most of the parent’s AIM will be to make their kids as an engineer which their kids aspiration too. However, most of them will go with the usual engineering courses such as Mechanic, Electrical, ECE and Computer engineering. Very few will go to Marine engineering. Here our 560 degree decided to guide some of the different engineering courses which have higher demand now.

Safety Engineering:

Now a days most of the companies started hiring safety engineers to provide acceptable level of safety to their companies. Whole purpose of safety engineering is to reduce human error, to prevent accident and provides safety by the engineered systems & design.

It provides various probability of conditions and bring forward the risk. Safety engineer will help to design safety guards or design algorithms to remain safe. They majorly depend on different infra model, prototypes and situations to assess the risk and hazards.

Since “Make in India” project is taken seriously by all sectors in India, Safety Engineering started emerging now. Students may consider this course.


Financial Technological engineering familiarly known as “FinTech” another emerging discipline across the world. In the modern world and developments of engineering, information technology and data sciences, Fintech helps organization to convert their traditional accounts and finance management to modern technology. High usage of digital payments, different funding platforms, big-data analytics and new system strategies impacts the user to make their payment through online as well as offline.

Fintech will help the organization to automate their most of their finance related work and also provides better customer experience.

Fintech is the combination of IT engineer, commercial banking, asset management and business administration. May fintech will be future and replacement of MBA, MCA and

Cybersecurity Engineering or Information security engineer:

In order to safe sensitive data of the business ITE security engineering plays a major role in managing and maintaining it well. Now-a-days cyber-attacks become common across the different sectors, information security engineer will help the business to prevent such attacks.

Awareness created by government as “Digital India” and “Startup India” will increase the demand of this cyber security engineer. Organization from giant MNCs to startups started hiring cyber security engineer to safe guard their business secrets.


A familiar course and reached the common man as well after “Enthiran” Alias “Robot” movie. However, people are not showing interest on robotics. This is going to rule the complete mechanical world. Major automobile production giants using robots.

Robotic engineering primarily focus on automating the machines to assist with the daily routine task. Robotic engineer will design robotic technology and maintain the system to increase efficiency.

Genetic engineering:

Genetic Engineering helps scientists to improve or modify the traits of an individual organism.

Artificially scientist will add new DNA to express the qualities by that gene.

Nuclear Engineering:                                                                           

Post signing the contract with America, Nuclear engineering courses started in India to manage the Nuclear sector.

This involves in designing, operating, constructing and maintaining all sort of nuclear base such as nuclear reactors, power plants and weapons.

Nuclear fission and fusion will be covered under the field of nuclear physics.

Some of the courses mentioned required minimum graduation or someone can attend the courses in part time. However, the above courses offers the job with higher package with great career opportunities.

There are other engineering courses that students can pursue. Joining these courses will be a sure shot opportunity for the students both in India and abroad as well.


Average student in school to world famous philosopher

We can’t ignore this personality in modern politics, he was philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. His writings were influenced so many people across Europe continent and Russia to follow his philosophy for centuries.

Yes ! It is none other than revolutionary socialist Karl Marx who inspired many youngster towards communism even now.

He always used say that “The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people” which is still applicable in his modern life.

He was an average student in his earlier school days and become philosopher later in his life created a new political philosophical thoughts in the modern world.  He was introduced to philosophy of GWF Hegel. England was inspired by his ideas and form a communism league and in 1847 at centrel committee meeting in London.

His famous work “ Communist Manifesto” is familiar across the world is still in study in most of the Universities.

Let us all recollect his quotes and philosophy on his birthday!!!

Reliance Jio Vs airtel Vs Idea Vs Vodafone – Real Competition

Post entry of Reliance Jio, all the other telecom operators are pushed to cut down their rate plans to sustain in the market by retaining most of their existing customer.

Now the Reliance Jio trail offer for free is over, other telecom operators started providing the similar offer to retain their customer base.  Below are some of the offers provided by the other telecom operators:

Though the offer looks similar, there are certain terms and condition which are not providing the comfort the way Jio is providing currently.

Airtel and Idea claims that they offer unlimited voice calling, However, they have different voice calling cap.

Airtel:   User will get 300 minutes Airtel to Airtel free calling per day post he will be charged 10 paise per minute and he can utilize only 1200 free calling per week. Also his free calling to all the other operators restricted to 3000 minutes for 70 days

Idea:  User will get 1 GB per day with 300 minutes calling free and 1200 minutes free per week to other idea customers

Though the plans and offers looks attractive and look competitive, now the customer will choose the quality operator on his choice to utilize the service.


Flipkart $1.4 billion fund – Highest ever in Indian startup till date

Not only by acquiring E-Bay India, Flipkart also raised $1.4 billion to continue the war against Amazon India. Flipkart raised its fund through some of the tech majors including Chinese Tencent and Microsoft. This is the highest every fund raised by any Indian startup till date.

Also the valuation has increased to $11.6 billion from $10 billion in the last few months after the change of top management. After the latest round of funding, flipkart raised $4.55 billion till date to sustain its market value.

Acquisition of Ebay India made his management a greater relief giving the confidence that atleast it is under the safe zone. We can conclude that consolidation and correction of ecommerce industry have started with full swing and the war between Flipkart and amazon will continue for the longer run where the customer will be more benefited that any of the startup !!!!

There were talks around that there is a possibility that Flipkart may acquire Snapdeal in the near future which not only the major strategic move but also this will allow Flipkart to enter into wallet business with additional revenue through Freecharge.